Monday, October 13, 2008

My experieced in Aidilfitri

Aidilfitri is the day that all person waiting.. I also did not miss to wait for Aidilfitri. At the morning, my family and i woke up early to prepare the menu of raya. But, the one thing of routine that my family and i do is forgive to each other. Without them, aidilfitri are not meaningful for me. After that, my family and i go to mosque together with my beloved family. Then we go to visit the other family. Most interesting that the biscut raya i made are not enough because they talked that its very delicious. They all praise to me. I feel very happy although tired. Next year, surely i can do variety of biscuts. So, i cannot forget on this day. Happy Aid Mubarak to Miss Syaz...

Monday, August 4, 2008

How UiTMT can improve their English

Most of UiTMT students are weak in English subject, although they have learnt this subject since in standard one. Actually, we always hear and read in newspapers, magazines and so on about the important of English especially to the students. But they still like ambigous to improve their English. So, there are some way how uitmt can improve their english.

Personally, i think UiTMT must recognize the new way in english studies which the uitm students can enjoyed in class. The right person who responsibilities to improve their english are lecturers. it is because the lecturers have many knowledge and experience about the way to teach the students who weaks in english subject. May be the lecturers can more teach their students in groups to avoid them became sleepy in class. Actually when the students enjoyed with english, so automatically they can improve their english very well.

Besides that, to improve their english, uitmt students must be confident to speak english. for your knowlede, to speak english accurately, uitmt students must begin early. the must try to speak although your pronunciations are broken. you must keep your shy beside so that you can impove your speak. then, you must keep in your mind that English subject are very easy to learn. As a result, you can improve their english very smooth.

In addition, uitmt must always held any activities or programmes about english to students. For examples,do games or competition. For who win in the competitions, uitmt must give the reward, so that they can always remember and like this subject. Moreover, uitmt also should held one times in month about campaign "Bulan Membaca". So they can memorize in english and improve their english .

in conclusion, to improve their english you must follow the right way in english learning. besides that you must practice and use language everyday,so that this habit become as routine in uitmt students life. so you do not have any problem in english language.

Monday, July 21, 2008

what i have learnt about today in BEL 260

Today i have many knowledge about The Present Tense and The Present Continous Tense. In the day my group has present about The Present Continous Tense. i hope my friends can be understand about my group was presenting. i hope you all enjoyed with my group for presenting. Besides that, my group give some present to our classmates who can answer correctly the questions. For your knowledge, i am very enjoyed when student like this. Thank you Miss.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Assalamualaikum..My name is zafirah bte zakaria. Firstly, i am very excited when i have chance to joint this blog. Before this, i have to joint the wikispaces. But when i joint this blog i feel i can get more knowledge.Besides that,i also get more experience through this blog. Lastly hope i can enjoyed the Bel 260 and get better result than last semester. thank you Miss syazwani because teach me. in Bel260. i love you..